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Tips for your moving 

  • Get rid of everything.

  • Sort things by category.

  • Schedule a free donation pickup.

  • Set aside stuff to sell.

  • Research professional moving companies.

  • Pick the right moving day.

  • Map out the best way to get to your new home.

  • Create a master moving to-do list.

  • Put moving tasks on your calendar.

  • Get moving boxes from your local liquor store.

  • Check to see if you have original boxes for your electronics.

  • Go to the hardware store.

  • Grab extra packing and moving supplies.

  • Schedule disconnect times.

  • Call in favors early.

  • Pack ahead.

  • Pack decorative items a few weeks out.

  • Change your address a week before you move.

  • Label moving boxes like a boss.

  • Create a number system.

  • Use small boxes for heavy items.

  • Use packing tape.

  • Protect fragile items with packing paper, bubble wrap, or blankets.

  • Pack dishes vertically.

  • Cover the tops of toiletry bottles with Saran Wrap.

  • Pack a clear plastic box with things you’ll need right away.

  • Pack a personal overnight bag.

  • Stop buying groceries a week before you leave.

  • Take pictures of your electronics cable.

  • Put your storage bins and luggage to use.

  • Make copies of important papers.

  • Set aside cleaning supplies for moving day.

  • Defrost your fridge at least one day before you move.

  • Load boxes from the same rooms together.

  • Load heavy furniture into the moving truck first.

  • Take pictures of your new home before you move anything in.

  • Delegate tasks when you’re unloading the moving truck.

  • Keep Ziploc bags handy.

  • Make the beds first.