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Alex K.

Mission: find moving help on Presidents' Day

I was so pissed when I found out my storage unit price jumped from $100/mo to $360/mo and decided I needed to move my crap somewhere else. I had 1 day to do everything since I didn't want to take a day off work. My plan was simple find a cheaper storage unit and find some movers that can help me same day.

After googling and yelping several storage places I found one in North Hollywood that offered a decent price. Then I started a search for movers. I must of made 100 calls and no one could help me everyone was either off or booked already. I was calling places with a couple of reviews and places rated not so well.

Finally I found Twilight movers and they understood that I was in a bind and offered their services. I spoke to Andrei the owner and he said he didn't have an available crew but he will try to get something going for me. He found a helper and said he would help me himself. Within an hour, him, his helper and the truck were outside my storage unit in Long Beach.

As we opened my unit they got to work right away. The hustled and moved all my crap really fast. There were a couple of things they even wrapped up because the guys putting it in didn't do that good of a job.

This was the smoothest, fastest, and most affordable moving experience I have ever had. I want to say thank you to the owner and his team for making sure all my stuff made it safely to the new storage.

Mission completed.

West Hollywood, CA
03 March 2018